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Life Sciences - Anthropology,Social Anthropology, Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Zoology, Nutrition, Health Sciences, Sports Sciences, Sport Pschology

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Adult and Mental Nursing (BSc and MSci) RU04-39 Programme
Anthropology (BSc) RU04-23 Programme
Biological Sciences (BSc) RU04-24 Programme
Biomechanics (MSc) RU04-30 Programme
Biomedical Sciences (BSc) RU04-26 Programme
Clinical Neuroscience (MSc) RU04-05 Programme
Clinical Nutrition (MSc) RU04-35 Programme
Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour (MSc by Research) RU04-40 Programme
Health Sciences (MSc) RU04-27 Programme
Integrated Masters in Biological Sciences (MBiol) RU04-36 Programme
Integrated Masters in Zoology (MZool) RU04-37 Programme
Nutrition and Health (BSc) RU04-12 Programme
Obesity: Risks and Prevention (MSc) RU04-28 Programme
Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation (MSc) RU04-13 Programme
Psychology of Sport and Exercise (MSc) RU04-34 Programme
Social Anthropology (BSc) RU04-14 Programme
Sport and Exercise Nutrition (MSc) RU04-41 Course
Sport and Exercise Physiology (MSc) RU04-31 Programme
Sport and Exercise Psychology (MSc/PGDip) RU04-33 Programme
Sport and Exercise Science (MRes) RU04-32 Programme
Sport and Exercise Science (MSc/PGDip) RU04-17 Programme
Sport and Exercise Sciences (BSc) RU04-18 Programme
Sport Psychology (BSc) RU04-20 Programme
Stress and Health (BSc) RU04-29 Programme
Zoology (BSc) RU04-25 Programme

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Clinical Nutrition distance learning Academic year 2020-2021 01/08/2016 15:55:51
UoR Library Resources (Life Sciences) Academic year 2020-2021 09/01/2018 12:51:50