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Christian Ministry (MA/PGDip) RU06-07 Programme
Classical Civilisation, Ancient History (BA) RU06-05 Programme
Classics and Ancient History (MRes) RU06-11 Programme
Doctor of Practical Theology (DTh) RU06-12 Programme
Environmental Humanities (MA) RU06-21 Programme
History (BA) RU06-18 Programme
History (MA/MRes), Cold War History (MA), War Studies (MA) RU06-03 Programme
History and Philosophy (BA) RU06-06 Programme
History and Politics (BA) RU06-14 Programme
Ministerial Theology (FdA/BTh/PGDip) RU06-04 Programme
old History, Philosophy, TRS & PRE (BA) RU06-02 Programme
Philosophy (BA) RU06-10 Programme
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (BA) RU06-17 Programme
Practical Philosophy (MA) RU06-20 Programme
Theology and Religious Studies (BA) RU06-09 Programme
Theology and Religious Studies (MA/PGDip) RU06-08 Programme
Theology, Ecology and Ethics (MA) RU06-15 Programme
Tudor Studies (MA) RU06-16 Programme

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