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School of Arts & Digital Industries programmes in Computing, Digital Design, Digital Media, Dance, Drama, Media and Communications, Film, Screenwriting, Journalism, Photography, English Language and Linguistics, Translation, and the International Foundation programme.

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Audiovisual/Specialised Translation (MA/PGDip) RU07-02 Programme
Computer Science (BSc) RU07-21 Programme
Computing (MSc) RU07-22 Programme
Computing and Digital Technologies (BSc) RU07-56 Programme
Cyber Security (BSc) RU07-48 Programme
Cyber Security (MSc) RU07-54 Programme
Dance - Postgraduate programmes RU07-42 Programme
Dance - BA or BFA RU07-43 Programme
Dance BA (Revalidation 2023) RU07-53 Programme
Data Science (MSc) RU07-47 Programme
Digital Design (BA) RU07-49 Programme
Digital Media (BA) RU07-20 Programme
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (BA) RU07-41 Programme
English Language & Linguistics (BA) RU07-04 Programme
English Language and Literature (BA) RU07-52 Programme
Film (BA) RU07-05 Programme
Film Production (BA) RU07-55 Programme
International Foundation Programme (with QA) RU07-36 Programme
Journalism (BA) RU07-08 Programme
Journalism (MA) RU07-35 Programme
Languages for All RU07-34 Programme
Media and Communications (BA) RU07-37 Programme
Media and Communications (MA) RU07-46 Programme
Media, Culture and Identity (BA) RU07-11 Programme
Photography (BA) RU07-14 Programme
Screenwriting (MA) RU07-38 Programme
Software Engineering (BEng) RU07-45 Programme
Transformations 1 SOA020C102A Module
Transformations 2 SOA020N203A Module
Transformations 3 SOA020X304A Module
Web Design and Development (BSc) RU07-51 Programme
Web Development (MSc) RU07-50 Programme

Lists linked to Arts and Digital Industries

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English Language Support Academic year 2022-2023 26/04/2019 09:06:40
Pre-sessional English Academic year 2022-2023 01/08/2016 15:24:56
Queering the Curriculum (School of Arts) Academic year 2022-2023 10/03/2022 09:07:30