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Audiovisual/Specialised Translation (MA/PGDip) RU13-28 Programme
Biblical Studies and Theology (HE Cert) RU13-25 Programme
Children's Literature (MA - Distance Learning) RU13-16 Programme
Choreography (MFA) RU13-58 Programme
Choreography and Performance (MRes) RU13-61 Programme
Classical Studies (BA) RU13-04 Programme
Computer Science (BSc) RU13-35 Programme
Computing (MSc) RU13-36 Programme
Computing and Digital Technologies (BSc) RU13-56 Programme
Creative and Professional Writing (BA) RU13-15 Programme
Creative Writing (MA) RU13-17 Programme
Criminology and Criminal Justice (BSc) RU13-19 Programme
Criminology and Criminal Justice (MA) RU13-20 Programme
Criminology and Policing (BSc) RU13-24 Programme
Cultural Heritage (MA) RU13-05 Programme
Cyber Security (BSc) RU13-48 Programme
Cyber Security (MSc) RU13-54 Programme
Dance - Postgraduate programmes (pre-2023 intake) RU13-43 Programme
Dance (BA or BFA) RU13-44 Programme
Dance and Embodied Practice (MFA) RU13-59 Programme
Dance Practice and Performance (MA) RU13-60 Programme
Data Science (MSc) RU13-47 Programme
Digital Design (BA) RU13-49 Programme
Digital Media (BA) RU13-34 Programme
Doctor of Practical Theology (DTh) RU13-09 Programme
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (BA) RU13-42 Programme
English Language & Linguistics (BA) RU13-29 Programme
English Language and Literature (BA) RU13-52 Programme
English Literature (BA) RU13-18 Programme
Film (BA) RU13-30 Programme
Film and Photography (BA) RU13-57 Programme
Film Production (BA) RU13-55 Programme
History (BA) RU13-12 Programme
Human Rights and International Relations (MA) RU13-21 Programme
Human Rights Policy and Practice (Erasumus Mundus) RU13-22 Programme
International Relations (MA) RU13-02 Programme
Journalism (BA) RU13-31 Programme
Journalism (MA) RU13-38 Programme
Lab 1 SOA020C103 Module
Languages for All RU13-37 Programme
Liberal Arts (BA) RU13-01 Programme
Media and Communications (BA) RU13-40 Programme
Media and Communications (MA) RU13-46 Programme
Ministerial Theology (FdA/BTh/PGDip) RU13-03 Programme
Philosophy (BA) RU13-08 Programme
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (BA) RU13-11 Programme
Photography (BA) RU13-33 Programme
Politics and International Relations (BA) RU13-06 Programme
Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BA) RU13-10 Programme
Popular Literature and Culture (MA) RU13-14 Programme
Professional Policing (BSc) RU13-27 Programme
Sociology (BSc) RU13-23 Programme
Software Engineering (BEng) RU13-45 Programme
Theology and Religious Studies (MA/PGDip) & CoS (MA modules) RU13-07 Programme
Theology, Mission and Practice (FdA/BTh) RU13-26 Programme
Transformations 1 SOA020C102A Module
Transformations 2 SOA020N203A Module
Transformations 3 SOA020X304A Module
Web Design and Development (BSc) RU13-51 Programme
Web Development (MSc) RU13-50 Programme

Lists linked to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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Bible Commentaries Academic year 2023-2024 24/11/2022 10:16:18
Decolonising the Curriculum (Social Sciences) Academic year 2023-2024 09/06/2021 09:53:40
English & Creative Writing: Staff Publications 26/04/2019 12:01:23
English and Creative Writing Graduate Students 26/04/2019 11:18:51
English Language Support Academic year 2023-2024 26/04/2019 09:06:40
Pre-sessional English Academic year 2023-2024 01/08/2016 15:24:56
Queering the Curriculum (School of Arts) Academic year 2023-2024 10/03/2022 09:07:30
The Creative and Dyslexic Thinking Research Project 26/04/2019 13:42:55