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Active Health Programme SCP020N208S Module
Advanced coaching principles SCP020X301A Module
An Introduction to Physical Education SCP020N209S Module
Applied Lifestyle Coaching Curriculum SCP020N202A Module
Applied Movement Analysis SCP020N207A Module
Applied Movement Analysis SCP020N207H Module
Art of Coaching SCP020C106S Module
Coaching Planning Process SCP020C105A Module
Contemporary Issues/Critical Thinking in Sports Coaching SCP020C107A Module
Employability in Sport Coaching SCP020C108A Module
Employability in Sport Coaching SCP020C108H Module
Entrepreneurship in Sport Coaching SCP020X303S Module
Independent Research Project SCP020X355Y Module
Introduction to Physiology and Assessment SCP020C109S Module
Personal Development Planning SCP020X305S Module
Psychology of Coaching SCP020X304A Module
Sport coaching curriculum SCP020C102S Module
Sport Coaching Pedagogy SCP020C103Y Module
Sport Coaching Process SCP020C101Y Module
Thinking and learning in sport coaching SCP020C104Y Module

Lists linked to Sports Coaching (BA)

There are currently no lists linked to this Programme.