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Art and Design 1 PGS020L701A Module
Art and Design 2 PGS020L702Y Module
Computing 1 PGS020L711A Module
Computing 2 PGS020L712Y Module
English 1 PGS020L731A Module
English 2 PGS020L732Y Module
Geography 1 PGS020L741A Module
Geography 2 PGS020L742Y Module
History 1 PGS020L751A Module
History 2 PGS020L752Y Module
Mathematics 1 PGS020L761A Module
Mathematics 2 PGS020L762Y Module
Modern Foreign Languages 1 PGS020L771A Module
Modern Foreign Languages 2 PGS020L772Y Module
Music 1 PGS020L723A Module
Music 2 PGS020L724Y Module
Professional Studies PGS020L700Y Module
Religious Education 1 PGS020L781A Module
Religious Education 2 PGS020L782Y Module
Science 1: Biology PGS020L791A Module
Science 1: Chemistry PGS020L793A Module
Science 1: Physics PGS020L795A Module
Science 2: Biology PGS020L792Y Module
Science 2: Chemistry PGS020L794Y Module
Science 2: Physics PGS020L796Y Module

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