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UG Psychology programmes (revalidated in 2021.22): BSc Psychology modules and cross-listed modules for: BA Therapeutic Psychology; BSc Psychology and Criminal Justice; BSc Psychology and Education Practice - UG Yr 1 (C) starts 2022-2023; UG Yr 2 (N) phases in 2023-2024; UG Yr 3 (X) phases in 2024-2025

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Advanced Research Methods PSY020X306A Module
Applying Psychology PSY020C115S Module
Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders PSY020X304A Module
CB Therapy approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy THP020N205S Module
Cognitive Biases in Social and Emotional Processing PSY020X311A Module
Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience PSY020N201A Module
Communication and Social Interaction PSY020X354 Module
Counselling Skills THP020C102S Module
Development and Transitions across the Lifespan PSY020N204S Module
Educational Psychology PSY020X305S Module
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Psychology PSY020X307A Module
Equity, Diversity, and Ethics THP020C104S Module
Evaluating Interventions THP020X303S Module
Evolution of Psychology PSY020C112A Module
Forensic Psychology PSY020X308S Module
Health Psychology and Addictive Behaviours PSY020X309S Module
Human Development and Transitions THP020N204A Module
Humanistic Approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy THP020C103A Module
Independent Research Project PSY040X301Y Module
Independent Research Project THP040X301Y Module
Introduction to Psychological Research PSY020C111S Module
Neuropsychology PSY020X358 Module
Occupational Psychology PSY020X310A Module
Positive Psychology PSY020X361 Module
Psychological Assessment and Formulation THP020X302A Module
Psychological Practice and Enterprise PSY020N206S Module
Psychological Research: Design, Analysis and Impact PSY020N202S Module
Psychology for Communities and Industry PSY020X302Y Module
Psychology in a Changing Society PSY020C114A Module
Psychology of Resilience and Success PSY020C110A Module
Psychopathology PSY020X303A Module
Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology PSY020N205A Module
Reflective Practice THP020N206A Module
Supporting Groups and Communities THP020N203S Module
The Foundations of a Helping Relationship THP020C101A Module
Understanding Human Behaviour PSY020C113S Module
Understanding Psychological Distress THP020N202A Module
Understanding the Individual and Society PSY020N203A Module
Use of Research in Mental Health and Wellbeing THP020N201S Module
Voluntary Experience THP020X305S Module
Working in Professional Contexts THP020X304A Module

Lists linked to UG Psychology programmes: PSY (BSc) and THP (BA). Revalidated for 2022-2023 start. Yr2 phases in 23.24 and Yr3 phases in 24.25

There are currently no lists linked to this Programme.