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REVALIDATION for 23.24: New programme Art Psy

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REVALIDATION 2023-24: Research informed Arts and Play Therapies and clinical work (APT020L010A) APT020L010A Module
REVALIDATION for 2023-24: Analytical Art Psychotherapy theory and practice ATH020L026 Module
REVALIDATION for 2023-24: Art Psychotherapy Placement 1 ATH040L027 Module
REVALIDATION for 2024-25: Art Psychotherapy Placement 2 and Final Clinical Project ATH020L028 Module
REVALIDATION for 2024-25: Professional and Personal Development (Art Psychotherapy) ATH020L029 Module
REVALIDATION for 23.24: Theory and practice in the creative arts therapies APT020L009 Module

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