Dance Studies - Postgraduate

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Analysing Dances DAN020L400A Module
Anthropology of Dance DAN040L407Y Module
Applied Lighting Design and Production for Dance DAN020L484S Module
Applied Lighting Design and Production for Dance DAN020L484Y Module
Choreographic Practice DAN020L419A Module
Choreographic Thesis DAN060L485Y Module
Choreography - Composition, Improvisation and Performance DAN060L488Y Module
Classicism and Power DAN020L422S Module
Dance and Embodied Practice DAN040L445Y Module
Dance and Embodied Practice: Thesis DAN060L455Y Module
Dance as a Socio-Cultural Practice DAN020L401A Module
Dance Practice DAN020L487A Module
Dance practice DAN020L487Y Module
Dance Practice as Research DAN020L402A Module
Dance Sustainability and the Environment DAN020L426Y Module
Dance, Sustainability and Environment DANVALXXX Module
Dissertation DAN060L404S Module
Extended Essay (Dissertation 3) DAN020L405Y Module
History, Philosophy and Dance DAN040L425Y Module
Independent Practice and Performance Portfolio DAN060L434A Module
Investigating Ballet DAN020L420A Module
Mediated Choreography DAN020L423S Module
Music and Dance DAN020L410S Module
People Moving, People Dancing DAN020L424S Module
Performance Practice Portfolio DAN020L433S Module
Philosophy and History of Dance DAN040L409Y Module
Philosophy and Performance Practice DAN020L435A Module
Politics and Sociology of Dance DAN040L408Y Module
Portfolio DAN100L491Y Module
Portfolio DAN120L490Y Module
Practice-as-Research DAN020L432S Module
Project DAN020L403A Module
Project DAN020L403S Module
Teaching Dance Practice DAN020L489S Module
The Performance of Heritage: Dance in Museums, Galleries and Historic Sites DAN020L416S Module
Theoretical Approaches in Dance Movement Psychotherapy DMP020L434A Module
Theorising and Embodying Ballet's Past DAN020L421S Module
Ways of Knowing DAN040L406A Module

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