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Applied Lighting and Production for Dance DAN020X345Y Module
Ballet 3 DAN010X350A Module
Choreography and Collaboration DAN020N259A Module
Choreography and Improvisation DAN020N262S Module
Choreography and Site DAN020N261H Module
Comparative Analysis: Issues of Genre and Style DAN020X324S Module
Comparative Analysis: Issues of Genre and Style DAN020X324A Module
Contact 3 DAN010X351H Module
Contact 3 Summer Intensive DAN010X351S Module
Cunningham 3 DAN010X352S Module
Cunningham 3 DAN010X352A Module
Dance Analysis and Philosophy of Dance DAN020N213S Module
Dance Anthropology DAN020X312A Module
Dance Criticism in Practice DAN020X343S Module
Dance Cultures and Identities DAN020N214S Module
Dance History and Politics DAN020N212A Module
Dance International Report DAN020N001H Module
Dance Movement Psychotherapy Fundamentals DAN020X338A Module
Dance Performance 1 DAN020C102S Module
Dance Performance 2 DAN020N202S Module
Dance Performance and Repertory DAN020X332Y Module
Dance Philosophy and Aesthetics DAN020X313A Module
Dance Power and Politics DAN020X326A Module
Dance Practice 1 DAN020C101A Module
Dance Practice 2 DAN020N201A Module
Dance Practice 3 DAN020X301A Module
Dance Practice 3 (Spring) DAN020X301S Module
Dance Practice 3 (Y) DAN020X301Y Module
Dance Science and Somatics DAN020X311S Module
Dance Science in Practice DAN020N211A Module
Dance Technique: Practice Form and Function DAN020X357Y Module
Dissertation DAN040X300Y Module
Dramaturgy and Collaborative Practice DAN020X310Y Module
Extended Essay DAN020N232S Module
From Process to Product DAN020X320Y Module
Gender Sexualities & Performance DAN020X344S Module
Gender, Sexualities and Performance DAN020X344A Module
Graham 3 DAN010X353S Module
Graham 3 DAN010X353A Module
Improvisation and Dance Composition DAN020C147Y Module
Philosophy and Aesthetics: Thinking through Dance Art DAN020X327A Module
Popular and Urban Dance: From Bollywood to Breakdance DAN020X356S Module
Re-presenting and Embodying Dance History DAN020X347S Module
Re-presenting and Embodying Dance History DAN020X347A Module
Release 3 DAN010X355S Module
Release 3 DAN010X355A Module
Screendance DAN020X348H Module
Screendance DAN020X348A Module
The Teaching Artist DAN020X339Y Module
Thinking Through Dance 1 DAN020C103A Module
Thinking Through Dance 2 DAN020C104S Module
Thinking Through Dance Project DAN020C105Y Module

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