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Name Code Type
An Introduction to Human Physiology FDY020B052S Module
An Invitation to Sociology FDY020B040A Module
Approaches in Sociology and Criminology FDY020B041S Module
Business Essentials Advanced FDY020B021S Module
Business Essentials Introduction FDY020B020A Module
Citizens, Law and the State FDY020B042A Module
Education Essentials - Institutions, Policy and Practice FDY020B031S Module
Education Essentials - Learning and Development FDY020B030A Module
English Academic Skills 1 FDY020B001A Module
English Academic Skills 2 FDY020B002S Module
Extended Project FDY020B090H Module
Introduction to Psychology FDY020B051S Module
Introduction to Scientific Thinking FDY020B050A Module
Mathematical Functional Skills Essentials FDY020B010Y Module
Research, Reasoning and Legal Tools FDY020B043S Module

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